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Welcome to America: The Complete Guide for Immigrants

About 800,000 legal immigrants enter this country every year. The vast majority of them face similar problems: a language barrier, culture shock, and very little knowledge of day-to-day life in America. All of them learn through trial and error and by talking to fellow immigrants who have been in the country longer.

These days, books about every sphere of human activity that are written by experts in the field are widely available. You can find "how to" books and crash courses on any subject imaginable, but immigrants are excluded from this sea of accessible information. Most of the books about immigration are written by history scholars, who offer post hoc analyses of how difficult it was for immigrants from various countries or regions to become Americans.

The lack of practical guides in this area is understandable. They can be written only by immigrants themselves because non-immigrants don't have the necessary experience and would not know what to write about. At the same time, immigrants are a group that is the least likely to attempt to fill this information gap because of the aforementioned language barrier, culture shock, and very little knowledge of the daily life in the new culture. There is no such thing as a "professional immigrant" who has gone through the process more than once and gained the necessary experience. It is a vicious cycle. It is therefore not surprising that such books have not been written despite the long history of immigration in this country.

It would be helpful to have such practical books in the immigrants' native languages. This would allow them greater access to the necessary information and ease their transition into the new culture.  However, it would be even better to have a comprehensive "one stop shopping" book in English. That would not only provide immigrants with the knowledge they need but also help their language acquisition. In fact, it would be ideal to have a book in two languages simultaneously: in English and in an immigrant's native language. This would reduce stress by giving newcomers useful information in their native language and at the same time help them with learning English by providing meaningful content and the convenience of a translated text that eliminates the need for time-consuming searches for unfamiliar words in a dictionary.

This book is a first real attempt to break the vicious cycle described above. It includes much of the information that will be useful to newcomers in English and can therefore be used by immigrants from any country. At the same time, it will be especially helpful for Russian speakers because it offers a Russian version of the text as well.

"Well written and organized book with great informative content. Very well suited for throughout reading or to be used as a reference for many of difficult situations encountered not only by immigrants but also for those who grew up in this country."

-Reviewer: Aleksandr Rabinovich from Boston, MA USA

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Welcome to America: The Complete Guide for Immigrants
English-Russian Version.
By Vitaliy Demin and Olga Demin Lambert
1008-page 7" x 10" hardcover
Tables, Charts, Bibliography, Index
ISBN 0-9727888-0-8
LCCN 2003103361

Published by ViOLa Publishing, LLC
Post Office Box 297, Saco, ME 04072

Welcome to America The Complete Guide for Immigrants

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